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Welcome to PICT Alumni Association Website

Vision :-

The Alumni Committee shall re-energize the PICT alumni by strengthening the relationship and communication among alumni members so that they can be tapped as partners of the PICT in its development efforts.

Mission :-

The mission Alumni committee of PICT is to build and sustain life-long relationships with PICT alumni by maintaining personal contact, hosting special events both on and off campus, creating alumni networks within India and world providing services which benefit alumni throughout their lives, and by involving alumni in ways which use their talents and skills to enhance the PICT community.

Objectives :-

a. To strengthen ties between the PICT and alumni and encourage them to participate in the various cultural, social and scientific activities.
b. To encourage alumni and prospective graduates to participate in the self-development and professional development programs set up by the alumni committee of PICT
c. To guide the PICT in the process of developing and planning academic programs targeted at alumni.
d. To make follow-up studies of employed alumni in order to improve their conditions.
e. To serve the community.

Milestones in PICT Alumni Association History :

1989-90 - Depict.
1995 - PICT Alumni Forum.
2009 - Registration of “PICT Alumni Association”.